Big Ugly PCB

by on May.14, 2008, under AVR32, NGW100

Well I’m designing a expansion board for my NGW100.

It will have Audio (CS4202), PS/2 ports with the required level shifters, VGA (ADV7125), a 128×64 monochrome LCD and some interesting power circuitry.

Whats interesting about the power circuitry is it will be able to take half a dozen different power sources to power the NGW100.
They include USB power, Solar, Wall wart and power from a lead acid battery.
It will be monitored by a ATmega32 (which also runs the LCD) and the NGW100 will be able to inquire about voltages and battery capacity. :)

Attached is 3d renders of my monstrosity.
I’m trying to cram all this stuff in to a very small space. I’m limited to 10cm by 8cm.
Also the power circuitry isnt done yet. It will fill the blank space.

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NGW100 USB Power Modification

by on May.05, 2008, under AVR32, NGW100

This is simply a wire from the hole next to the USB port which supplies 5v to the positive hole next to the power supply which feeds it.

The Diode prevents the USB port from being fried if you plug a wall wart in.
You can see my crudely drawn marker telling me the polarity of the diode under the shrink wrap.

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by on May.05, 2008, under AVR32, NGW100

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NGW100 is running

by on Apr.29, 2008, under AVR32, Linux, NGW100

Well I got a replacement NGW100 to replace the one I borked.
That was a expensive mistake. :(

I’ve got it successfully modded so it can now be USB powered. :)
There is a convenient hole next to the USB port which is the USB’s 5v rail.
You just need to run a wire from there to the positive pin of the power supply, next to the double set of IO pins.

I put a diode in place as well so I can swap power supplies on the fly and 12v cant go and fry the USB port. ;)
I also put some heatshrink over it to make it look professional and reduce the chances of shorts.
Its a dead simple mod to make and its pretty useful.

I’ll be posting pics as soon as I can make my card reader work.

Now if only I could build a toolchain successfully. :(

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The NGW100 is neat

by on Apr.01, 2008, under AVR32, Linux, NGW100

Well I got my NGW100 last night. :D

If you dont know what it is, its basically a tiny board which runs Linux.
It features two network ports, SD slot, serial pot and a slave USB port and its designed to be a simple yet powerful Network GateWay (NGW).

Unfortunately its already borked. :(
I was upgrading the ram chip on it from 32mb to 64mb and a drop of solder hit the Flash chip.
That chip just happens to have 0.5mm leads which is extremely tricky to solder correctly.

Fortunately I got a 0.8mm soldering iron tip today so tomorrow morning I should be able to recover it.

Pictures will come when its working. :P

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