Google Crawl Rate – Wow!

by on Oct.16, 2010, under google, internet

Well usually Google’s maximum crawl rate in Google Webmaster Tools is limited to 0.5 requests/second as the fastest rate possible with the slider.

The growth of PropertyNow however has caused that speed to increase – first to 0.8 requests/second then to 1.5 requests/second then even faster still to 2.5 requests/second.

That is the fastest I’ve ever heard of. There has been a increase in quality content, and also the server can handle the speed, so naturally Google wants to crawl it all as soon as possible and refresh it as often as possible. The logs show that they do actually push that limit but in bursts rather than constantly.

This change has also coincided with alterations of the search results. All keywords dropped temporarily during the speedy crawl period.

Very interesting stuff indeed.

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PropertyNow and Google Crawl Stats

by on Oct.08, 2010, under google, internet, realsauce, website

PropertyNow Real Estate has just recently opened its doors to agents and its done so in a big way. A very large number of agents have already signed up and more are coming.

So much so, Google has taken a interest. Googlebot has been frantically crawling the past couple of days, and the Crawl Rate settings have changed as well. Usually you cant ask Googlebot to go any faster than 0.5 requests/s  but it is now letting me select up to 1.25 requests/sec or 0.8 seconds between requests! I’ve never seen that behaviour before.

We’ll have to see if that is reflected by a improvement in the search results. Fingers crossed.

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Google Maps Real Estate and Drawing Floor Plans Online

by on Apr.15, 2010, under gearman, google, voip

I’m very impressed with how Google Maps Real Estate has been going. Their coverage these days is extremely good and its only getting better. They are actually giving and Domain a run for their money.

And RealSauce has released our floor plan drawer which is exciting. Its actually free to try out so anyone can fiddle around with it easily.

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Google World?

by on Nov.23, 2008, under google

I was thinking the other day.
Google has vast amounts of data about the world.
Everything from high res satellite images to street maps to street view images.
They even have 3d buildings in some places.

What if they are trying to make a 100% seamless 3d world?
Where you can zoom in from space and see satellite images and as you get closer you get fully textured 3d buildings and even closer you get detailed street images?
All seamlessly stitched together to make a high quality fluid world.
The technology exists – it just needs to be fine tuned and perfected.

Why did I think of this?
Has anyone else noticed the lack of street view in Google Earth?
The logical thing for them to do is not implement it the way Google Maps uses it but to combine it with the satellite imagery.

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