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Why global warming should be taken with a pinch of salt

by on Sep.10, 2010, under environment, global warming

Just the other day, a prime example of why you need to take global warming stuff with a pinch of salt. The problem? Not enough data.

NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite data has been used to make an estimate of ice melt from Greenland and Western Antarctica. Why Western Antartica? Cause the rest of Antarctica is actually gaining ice. No one has the faintest idea why. That satellite data has now been shown to estimate 3x more melting than there actually is.

Just like in 2008 when the Arctic was predicted to melt completely. No ice at all during the summer. All the data was saying that it would be a bad year to be a polar bear.
But none of the predictions came true. The data was completely off.

It would be nice if the politicians made us stop wasting resources sure, but we dont have the faintest idea how the environment works, as shown by Antarctica growing and dozens of other examples. Do we know enough to create policy that has severe impacts everywhere especially the economy?

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Kevin Rudd’s Hypocrisy

by on May.29, 2008, under environment, global warming, politics

What on earth is Kevin Rudd doing?
He wants to save the environment AND reduce petrol prices – at the same time.

Motorists are a major green house gas contributor and people like their cars.
The only way to change their habits is to make it prohibitively expensive.
People are going to keep driving otherwise.

You cant save the environment when its convenient. It has to be all in or all out.
Either seriously save it or boost the economy by ditching all the money going towards environmentally friendly stuff.

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Earth Hour is nothing more than a warm fuzzy feeling scam

by on Apr.03, 2008, under environment, global warming

Well on the 31st of March there was Earth Hour.
The general jist of it is at 8pm you turn all your lights off for a hour to save the planet.

In Sydney, the power reduction was 8.4% which is….crap.
C’mon people if your going to ‘save’ the environment you’ve got to do a tad better than that.

So now there are hundreds of thousands of people world wide with a nice fuzzy feeling inside because they are helping to save the environment.
Which would be really great if they weren’t the only person in their SUV on their daily commute.

Then you get people with carbon credits, planting trees and other such scams.
People/Companies pay large sums of money to a company in exchange for a warm fuzzy feeling.
Not a cent goes in to any proper environmental schemes nor do the emissions get reduced.
Planting trees do not count for anything in my book Its not sustainable and it doesnt solve the root of the problem.

Notice that global warming wasnt popular until people figured out how to make money from it?
Now your car can be carbon neutral by switching insurance providers, you can buy green electricity for a premium and other crap.

Want to make a real difference? Change all major roads to T3 lanes during peak hour.
You’d kill two birds with one stone. Pollution would drop dramatically and traffic problems would be a thing of the past. :D
Of course its political suicide to suggest anything actually useful in Parliament.

Personally I’m with the scientists who looked at what has happened in the past and saw a pretty sine wave when they graphed the Earth’s temperature.
We are coming to a peak Simple as that.
In a few hundred years the environmentalist hippies will be going on about the global cooling problem and we’ll have a ice age.
And then people will figure out how to make money out of that too.

Even if I’m wrong and the heating is directly related to humans, Earth Hour and similar things are just preventing people from making real changes.
They will never have any impact on the environment.

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