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4chan and AFACT

by on Sep.29, 2010, under internet, vps, website

4chan has been on a rampage against any anti-piracy groups who annoy them and the list of casualties is pretty long.

Yesterday they attacked AFACT (Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft) and managed not only to take their site out, but they completely flattened NetRegistry who was their host.

On Whirlpool, NetRegistry is now being slammed for hosting them. It sounds like they will lose a bit of credibility after this one. Not only because some people are sympathetic towards 4chan’s cause, but also because NetRegistry willingly hosted a high risk site right next to everyone else’s website.

You really see a host’s true colours after a incident after this. A NetRegistry rep, Angelina Potapova, isnt handling the criticism very well. She’s basically said that anyone who criticises them must be one of the attackers which isnt a smart move when they are your customers or potential customers. She also incorrectly credited the attack to The Pirate Bay when it was 4chan who is completely unrelated.

As someone who pays for hosting through a provider, if they were hosting a high value target such as AFACT anywhere near my hosting, I’d be looking very closely at my SLA and I’d also look for a new host. Keeping them on the same infrastructure as everyone else is horribly stupid.  Not that it would have mattered if NetRegistry separated the site because the DDoS flattened their routers as well from the sound of it. They completely went offline for a good hour or two and everything was sluggish for quite awhile later.

I sure hope they are making AFACT pay for breaking everyone’s SLA…..thats if they have one. I couldnt find theirs which isn’t a good sign for their customers.

By the way, yes AFACT is the group that has been suing iiNet for not breaking the law and giving AFACT personal details on subscribers so my sympathy is limited.

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Bizarre and quirky things

by on Sep.28, 2010, under internet, update

Well I’ve finally gotten the Luxury Homes Australia Blog going which has got some pretty cool things. We send them out as a newsletter every week or so.

I’ve also managed to finally find a very tall lava lamp. I’ve been looking for one for ages but its almost as if they dont exist. Its nice and tall with a metal stand which supports it. Only come in blue and red with clear liquid but beggars cant be choosers. $40 made it a quick sell. :)

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Cornelia Funke’s new book ‘Reckless’

by on Sep.15, 2010, under internet

Well here I am at 1:50am doing server watching duty.

Why? It is the release of Cornelia Funke’s new book called Reckless, and the server I’m watching is the official website. If anything goes wrong then I need to scramble around and fix it. I didnt create the website, but I’ve been tasked with making sure it can scale to stand up to the barrage of visitors from the Official New York premier of the book. Every single book has the URL in it so its not a small feat.

It should go well. :)
Few more hours and then the worst will be over and I can get a little bit of sleep before real work tomorrow.

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Why global warming should be taken with a pinch of salt

by on Sep.10, 2010, under environment, global warming

Just the other day, a prime example of why you need to take global warming stuff with a pinch of salt. The problem? Not enough data.

NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite data has been used to make an estimate of ice melt from Greenland and Western Antarctica. Why Western Antartica? Cause the rest of Antarctica is actually gaining ice. No one has the faintest idea why. That satellite data has now been shown to estimate 3x more melting than there actually is.

Just like in 2008 when the Arctic was predicted to melt completely. No ice at all during the summer. All the data was saying that it would be a bad year to be a polar bear.
But none of the predictions came true. The data was completely off.

It would be nice if the politicians made us stop wasting resources sure, but we dont have the faintest idea how the environment works, as shown by Antarctica growing and dozens of other examples. Do we know enough to create policy that has severe impacts everywhere especially the economy?

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Clickatell automated SMS combined with Real Estate

by on Sep.10, 2010, under realsauce, update

One of my latest projects has been a cool idea for Real Estate where you SMS a property id to a number, and it sends a text message back instantly with more details about the property.

PropertyText is the first one I’ve ever seen that automatically creates the text messages from property feeds. That makes it extremely easy to use and very fast.

The idea is the property id gets put on the real estate sign so if the sign doesnt have stuff like price and so on, you can easily find it out. The agent gets the enquiry in a control panel and can ring the enquirer back.

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I’ve gotten rid of Drupal

by on Sep.09, 2010, under update, website

I’ve gotten kind of sick and tired of Drupal so I’ve gone back to WordPress. Its just too big and bloaty for a simple blog.

I found a very good post on how to convert Drupal to WordPress. It made it quite painless. I just needed to reupload my images.

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